Markaholic aka Mark Byers

is a Los Angeles-based pop songwriter and producer. He develops songs and soundscapes from initial concept to final mix, providing writing, arranging, programming, recording and mixing services. His work is both classical- and club-influenced; it aims make you giggle, dance with reckless abandon, and hit replay uncontrollably.


Mark was born with music in his blood. Surrounded by a family of professional string players and immersed in music education from age 4, his musical persona took over his world. He played violin, studied music theory, played in orchestras, and sang in choirs. In high school, while others sought popularity and inebriation, Mark developed an addiction to beatmaking. His first crack at EDM was an album produced on a Korg Triton keyboard during senior year. After this experiment with current music, Mark searched compulsively for a songwriting program. A few years later he graduated from Berklee College of Music with a degree in songwriting and electronic music production. He now enthusiastically produces music in downtown Los Angeles for fiercely talented artists such as RuPaul, Neil Patrick Harris, Willam, Rhett & Link, and JbDubs.